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Sea and wind and rock and sky... this is our island. Is it any wonder magic and mystery abound?

Hello and Welcome.
G.F. Aylward

Exploring Bonavista and The Dungeons

About me

I am a proud Newfoundlander, first and foremost, born just south of  St. John's in the (once) small farming community of Kilbride, nestled in the Waterford Valley. We were a moderate-sized family (for Newfoundland and Labrador) surrounded by cousins, aunts, and uncles, with the freedom to roam. Bowring Park was our playground. 

As a teen, I dabbled in writing, (stories and poetry), took a creative writing course at a community college and even played with a couple of ideas for novels. But life got in the way. Writing gave way to twenty-seven (rewarding) years of teaching, both in NL and in Ontario. A year after I retired, I returned home. Finally, I had time.

The names Kilbride and Waterford came directly from counties Waterford and Wicklow in Ireland, so it is no wonder pride in our Irish heritage runs deep. Our ancestors risked their lives coming to the new world in overcrowded ships, crammed below deck as they crossed the unpredictable Atlantic. With them came stories, folklore, traditions, and superstitions.

My debut novel, Na Lanni (Kidnapped Children of Culdina), draws from this rich folklore to spin a tale of courage, terror, and persistence. It follows Allison Carey as she navigates her way through Shoshanna, a strange, beautiful (but dangerous) land to rescue five kidnapped children - faerie children.

​When all there is to be told about Allison and her family is done, I plan to write Children's books about animals found in Newfoundland and Labrador. 



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